Mood Cubes

Perfect travel size for any pocket.

100% Organic

Long Lasting!

No Greasy or Sticky Feeling.

Won't break open or leak out.

Choose the scent you want based on the mood you want to feel.

Mood Scrubs

Drain friendly scrubs for your mood.

     Mood scrubs are the perfect spa item that you never knew you were missing. Feeling Scattered? Try our Ice Queen scrub for focus. Feeling Anxious? Our Dark Soul scrub will calm your heavy feelings. Need to feel refreshed? Fireworks is the perfect jasmine option for a change.

     These sugar scrubs are designed to make you feel luxurious and fresh at the same time. Try them out one by one and find the perfect mood combo for you.


Mood Sticks

All day coverage

     Finally a deodorant that is healthy and works all day long. Are you tired of using natural deodorants that don't work? Are you fed up of using aluminum based deodorants that can lead to cancer or other bad health issues? Then try Mood Sticks!

     Engineered with scents aimed to please both men and women. We have designed oil blends to target your mood. Lavender - Calm, Peppermint - Focus, Dark Soul - Understood and so many more. Carry your desired mood on you all day long.

Kits and Baskets

Shave Kit.jpg

Kids Bath Kit

Flawless Shave Kit 

Pregnancy Spa Kit